Sample Design

If an off-the-shelf kit doesn't suit your needs, Designer Watering Systems also offers an in-store design service charged at an hourly rate to assist you with sprinkler placement, sprinkler selection, and component selection. A sample design is shown below.

To give you some idea of what this involves, design for a standard residential block is often an 8-hour process, and a typical process usually involves the following steps:

  • We receive a drawing of your yard
  • We schedule your job according to our availability
  • We do the design including sprinkler placement, sprinkler selection and zone breakdown
  • We list and price components
  • We pack your order
  • We provide instructions, where necessary, upon collection

So far as charges go, you can stop the process and take over at any stage along the way, and only pay for the work performed.

If you would like more information about our design service, simply Contact Us by clicking here and filling out our web form or call into our store at 14 Staple St, Seventeen Mile Rocks.